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Translated Interview with Miss Algeria 98:
Who is Sarah Bessam?
- Miss Algeria 1998 and an aspiring singer and actress.
Is it your real name?
-  My real name is Meriem Bessam, my manager changed it to Sarah.
How were you crowned Miss Algeria?
- I was first crowned as Miss Constantine and then I travelled to Paris to continue my studies in humanities. Suprisingly and without my knowledge my family applied for me to compete in Miss Algeria and asked me to come back to Algeria and compete in the pageant, which I did and surprisingly I won the competition. I was so happy and that's when I started thinking to do showbiz.
What are your passions, besides acting?
- soccer and playstation.
Do you like cooking?
- Definately not, I don't even know how to make tea.
Have you done any modeling before?
- I tried it for 6 months but it was so hard. I also did some commercials but I stopped since I didn't like this field.
Would you like to be a cover girl?
- Not really, unless it would help my fame.
What are your flaws?
- Too nice.
Do you think beauty queens have a tendency to be arrogant?
- Not at all.. I often forget that I was a beauty queen once. Beauty queens are also chosen on the basis of their culture and education.
Were you to be left alone on a deserted island, who will you take with you?
- My lover.
Does that mean you're in love?
- Not yet, I'm looking for love.
What is your prince charming like?
- Handsome, funny and cheerful. 
What things can't you live without?
- Dancing and playstation.
Would you ever consider wearing Hijab (veil) ?
- Yes, in God's will,  but in that case I would stop acting. I feel so happy for women who decide to wear it.
A lot of people say you're beautiful and sexy..what do you say?
- (Laughs..) I am so flattered by such compliments and my thanks to all who think so.
Sarah in few lines:
Education: B.S. in humanities
Horoscope: Aries
Favorite musical instrument: guitar
Favorite singer: Ragheb Alama, Amr Diab, Assala
Favorite color: white and blue
Favorite Hobby: soccer
Marital Status: single

Miss Annaba 2007 Crowned


As a celebration of the annual International Woman's day on March 8th, the eastern province of Annaba elected its 2007 beauty queen at Seybouse International Hotel, gathering 12 contestants from the ages of 18 to 21. The winner was Mabrouka Gueroui, an 18 y/o high school student. 1st RU was Chiraz Boursas and 2nd RU was Meriem Kessar, while Moufida Boufrine was chosen as Miss Elegance.
Upon her crowning as Miss Annaba 2007, Mabrouka declared : " I'm honored to represent the legendary Annabi beauty; and since all the contestants were gorgeous each in her own way I wasn't expecting to be crowned Miss Annaba 2007. It is a great honor for me especially that I participated in the pageant for fun and had no expectation to win or lose."
Mr. Soltane Derradji, organisor of the pageant, revealed that the winner will participate in Miss Algeria 2008 and that his agency plans to organise Miss Eastern Algeria in the summer of 2007, gathering contestants from the provinces of Skikda, Jijel, Constantine, Guelma, Souk Ahras, Tebessa and Annaba.   
Thanks to "Akher Saa" for the info. 

President of Art & Mode Agency: We plan to organise Miss Arab World 2007


In a recent interview with El Khabar newspaper, Mr. Boualem El Djazairi, President of Art & Mode and organisor of Miss Algeria, revealed that his agency plans to organise and host the Miss Arab World 2007 contest in Algiers with contestants hailing from 18 Arab countries as part of the activities for the "Algiers, Arab Cultural Capital 2007" program. Sabrina Sikheir, newly crowned Miss Algeria 2007, shall represent the country and be the host contestant for the Arab pageant. According to El Djazairi, his agency also plans to send Algerian representatives to Miss Tourism Planet 2007 to take place in Greece and possibly other international pageants.


Photo: Miss Algeria 2007 Sabrina with Runner-ups Tania and Wided.

Interviewed by Le Soir D'Algérie, Miss Kabylie 2006 Imène Tamani reveals:
"Miss Algeria does not represent the whole country"


What does the contest of Miss Kabylie represent for you and how did you find the idea of it?
It was a childhood dream. The organisors contacted me and I plunged into it even though I was disappointed after failing my baccalaureat exam. My parents encouraged me and I was happy they helped me break certain taboos.
Did you believe in your chances of winning?
I took it more as fun, and I imposed the challenge on myself first. But the outcome surprised me in the sense that other contestants also had qualities to be valued.
So what are the qualities that a Miss should have?
It's not enough to be gorgeous because the body which  of course should be beautiful is just a fleshy envelope. A Miss should also have moral qualities; she should be a listener, smiley, social, intelligent...
You received praises but you also faced criticism at the forum of the website ?
Fortunately so. Accepting criticism to then evolve and progress from it is also part of a Miss' s qualities who should think about her role as ambassador of the region or the country that she represents.
Why didn't you take part in Miss Algeria 2007?
Without meaning to provoke anyone; I regard this contest as unrepresentative of the whole country's regions, but only the central ones which does not make it credible. The selection process should include all Algerian girls from whatever region they come from.
Doesn't your contest suffer the same problem?
Miss Kabylie was preceded by a serious prospection throughout the provinces of Tizi Ouzou, Béjaïa, Bouira,  Sétif and Bordj Bou-Arréridj.
What did fame bring you?
I became more self confident and it opened a lot of doors for me. I met and made relations with famous  people and I never go unnoticed. I try to well manage this new life because I consider myself the ambassador of Kabylie so I try to show that I'm worthy of it. I received a special distinction award from the President through the Minister of Public Works Mr. Amar Ghoul and I'm always invited to big events.
Did fame bring you inconveniences?
It affects my private life a bit, but I'm still happy.
What are your hobbies, your passions?
I dance and cook well. I like music, reading, singing Algerian and western songs. I exercise a lot and I have a passion for cinema.
Your model Miss?
- Miss Switzerland 2006, I find her very beautiful, exquisite.
You had the opportunity to participate in "Fort Boyard" and experience human adventures..
Yes, I spent wonderful and magical moments in this show and I keep imperishable memories from it. I realised another childhood dream of mine. At a humanitarian level I take all the initiatives aiming to bring a smile to the poor, the children and the elderly and I will still take part in all charitable actions that I will be called for, as did the C-RA and "Coeur sur la Main" association.
What is your project in life?
To persue a career in hotel management and why not acting, if I receive any offers.
Your last words?
I encourage all young girls with the necessary criterias to particpate in the pageant. I thank my parents, Mr.Mourad Aït-Ahmed and his wife Feriel for giving me my chance, my stylist Mrs.Himeur and Réda from Arkham Agency, without forgetting Le Soir d'Algérie for opening its columns for me.
Interviewed by Salem Hammoum

Newly Crowned Miss Algeria 2007:
"I'm against nudity..I love Brad Pitt and Bouchra Okbi as actors"


Who encouraged you to join and enter the Miss Algeria contest?
- The region where I come from "La Kabylie" does not encourage these kind of contests, but my small environment and my parents encouraged me a lot and that's what led me to this contest.
So was this the first time you joined a beauty pageant?
- At a national level yes, and it was indeed my biggest dream. But at a local level I took part in some pageants and won the titles of "Miss Ramadan" and "Miss Tizi Ouzou"..all due to my private manager Hassan Nebri.
How did you live the Miss Algeria experience?
- I was very nervous during the contest and could not control it honestly.
And how were the other contestants?
- Honestly I was competing with very beautiful girls, which caused me to doubt my chances to win at certains times. But even so, we were all like one family and did not leave a place for jealousy amongst us and I loved this a lot.
In your opinion what special quality should a Miss Algeria possess?
- A strong personality.
And beauty-wise?
- Beauty has its own weight but it shouldn't overcome personality. Inner beauty is more important as are culture and good manners. Physical beauty and elegance are not enough standards for a person to be beautiful.
So how do you explain the fact that beauty pageants rely so much on physique and revealing skin? Don't you find it controversial as to what you mentioned?
- I'm against nudity and I always wear decent and traditional clothing. I care so much about traditions and I'm against nudity.. contrary as to what is probably the norm in Lebanon and the western world. Revealing beauty should not mean revealing one's intimacy.


Speaking of culture, can we know what are your interests in particular?
- Yes, I love to read historical and environmental books in particular.
What was the last book you read?
- A beautiful novel concerning the life and hardships of a child. I forgot its title.
What do you learn from reading?
- General knowledge and details about life and how to cope with its difficulties.
How about music?
- I love all styles of music but I love Arabic music in particular. My favorite singers are Majda El Roumi, George Wassouf and Naima Dziria.
Would you be tempted by an acting experience?
- No. I would like to sing instead. I took singing classes before and used to be part of a vocal group.
Who are your favorite actors and actresses?
- Moustapha Fahmi from the men and Bouchra Okbi from the women. Even though she is young and just launched her career, Bouchra has great talent and I love her style in acting. And like any other teenage girl, I love Brad Bitt.
Do you follow national and world politics?
- I don't like to talk about politics at all.
Why so?
- I'm still at a self-growing stage..I just graduated high school and started college majoring in information technology.
Do you diet to keep yourself fit?
- No, I don't do any dieting. I exercise a lot to keep my weight constant (60 kg at 1,78m)
What does the crown that you're gonna wear for a whole year mean to you?
- My crown is the crowning of the Algerian beauty in general. I have achieved my long lasting dream and I hope to be crowned with a bigger title in the futur.

Miss Algeria 2007 crowned


Sabrina Sikheir, who was chosen Miss Tizi Ouzou 2006 last May , was crowned Miss Algeria 2007 amongst 15 finalists on December 8th at El Safir Hotel in Algiers. Shedding tears of joy, the 19 yrs information technology student was proud to receive the title : "With this nomination I hope to represent very well the inner and outer beauty of the Algerian woman." Outgoing Miss Algeria Nesrine Melbani was unable to attend the event and crown her succesor due to a car accident she suffered last week. Back in September, the 30 original contestants chosen for the competition were introduced to the public by M Live channel with a series of short interviews allowing the viewers to vote for the 15 most eligible finalists by sms voting. The contest was diffused live by the same channel.



From left to right, the Runners Up were: 


1st RU, Sihem Benchaabane from Sidi Bel Abbes
2nd RU, Tania Micef from Algiers
3rd RU, Selma Hamadache from Algiers
4th RU, Wided Meddour from Setif

Miss Algeria 2007


"Art & Mode" Agency will be crowning Miss Algeria 2007 On Sept. 18th. The contest will be diffused LIVE to Europe and the Middle East through MLIVE entertainement channel. For the first time ever, the audience will be given a say in choosing the winner by sms voting for their favorite contestant. A presentation and a small interview of each contestant is being run on "MLive" every 30 mins to help the audience decide. Click here to view the 24 contestants.

Miss Algeria to compete in Miss Intercontinental 2006


Meriem Litim, who was crowned Miss Algeria 2006 back in December 2005, is scheduled to compete for the upcoming Miss Intercontinental 2006, organised annually by the World Beauty Organisation (WBO). The finale will take place in the Bahamas on October 18th with 58 contestants vying for the crown. Meriem is a 17 y/o high school student and stands at 1,75m. She has been recently seen partying with friends at Algiers' Pacha Club. Click here for pictures.    

Miss Arab World 2006 Crowned


Despite the tension going on in the Middle East, Egypt managed to host the first ever Miss Arab World pageant broadcast live by Melody TV. Thirteen contestants from nine Arab countries took part in the contest, with Tunisian Amira Ben Youssef emerging as the winner. 1st RU was Claudia Hanna of Iraq and 2nd RU was Dina Adel of Egypt. The financial revenues of the pageant are to be donated to the war-torn civilians of Lebanon. Algeria was representated by two contestants: Rym Said and Karima Mohamed. The winner was crowned by the official Miss Tunisia 2006: Rym El Kadri.


Miss Algeria in France 2006


For the first time in the history, a contest was organised in France aiming to elect the most beautiful girl of Algerian origin or residing in France. 12 finalists were chosen amongst hundreds to compete on July 9th for the finale that took place in Paris. The designated winner was 25 y/o Zakia Fayet representing Boumerdes. 1st RU (left) was 25 y/o Camelia Abderrahmane representing Algiers while 2nd RU (right) was 23 y/o Faten Fateh representing Tizi Ouzou. The contestants modelled wedding gowns then evening gowns before finally parading in traditional costumes, each girl wearing that of the Algerian town she originally comes from. You can watch a 15 mins documentary about the contest and behind-the-stage scenes from the following link:
Click on "regarder la seconde partie" to watch the 2nd part.


Miss Maghreb 2006


In its 2nd edition, Miss Maghreb took place on June 25th in Paris, reuniting 11 beautiful contestants of Maghrebi (North African) origin living in France.  The designated winner (center) was 25 y/o Malika Mazouz of Algeria who is preparing her MBA. 1st RU (left) was 25 y/o Camélia Abderrahmane of Algeria who is preparing a masters in communication while 2nd (right) was 23 y/o Hafida Belhadi of Morocco, a graduate of information technology. The new Miss was crowned by last year's winner Soraya Bouadjaj of Morocco.

PortaModa Crowns Miss and Mister Algeria 2006


On June 8th PortaModa agency crowned its own version of Miss and Mister Algeria 2006. Once the competition started, the audience and judges were dazzled by a group dance performance involving loud drums and dancers spinning around on their heads and backs. The dance performance was followed by a fashion show which created an opportunity for the contestants to show off the curves and the muscles of their bodies to the judges and audience. In the end it was 21 y/o Imène Salek and 23 y/o Reda Mansouri who were crowned Miss and Mister Algeria 2006. "I am very proud of myself. I am very happy to have this award because I have always dreamed of being Miss Algeria. I am very proud. I hope that I will rise to this occasion and that I pleased all [the judges]," said the newly crowned Miss Algeria..."We can't express our feelings through words, I am very happy," said Mister Algeria Reda Mansouri.  The winners (photo) were invited on June 10th to the morning talk show "Bonjour Algérie" . We can only hope for an international representation with this new version. 


Miss Kabylie 2006 Crowned


Another regional contestant for the Miss Algeria 2006 contest was crowned on June 8th, Miss Kabylie 2006, re-uniting 24 girls from the provinces of Tizi Ouzou, Bejaia and Bouira. The winner was Imène Tamani, a high schooler  majoring in literature and foreign languages. She is 18 y/o  and stands at 1,70m. 1st RU (left) was Sandra Slimani, a high schooler majoring in science. She is 16 y/o and 1,75m. 2nd RU was Sarah Boubrit (right), also a high schooler majoring in science. She is 18 y/o and stands at 1,70m. Overwhelmed and happy with her victory, Imène said : " I am extremely happy and I never saw it coming..I was hoping to figure amongst the finalists but not the winner! I would like to thank my mum who helped me a lot and I also hope to get my school degree and graduate."   



The Arab World's Top Model 2006 Crowned


Through a tv reality show that lasted over 8 weeks, the Arab World's Top Model 2006 was finally crowned on June 8th. Rym El Saidi of Tunisia (top left), a 19 y/o model who stands at 1,90m was the chosen winner, receiving 49% of the public votes. 1st Runner-up was Myriam Benzerga of Algeria (top right), a 20 y/o model who stands at 1,77m, receiving 40% of the public votes; while 2nd Runner-up was Kelly Hajjami of Morocco (bottom), a 22 y/o model who stands at 1,73m and receiving 9 % of the votings. All the 3 finalists are professional models in their home countries, with Rym who was Elite Model Look of Tunisia 2003, Myriam who was Best Model of Algeria 2002 and Kelly who is a famous model and actress in Morocco. 16 contestants overall competed for the title and the final prime had a World Cup theme. The Arab World's chosen fashion designer for the year 2006 was Antoine El Kareh of Lebanon.


Miss Tizi Ouzou 2006 Crowned


Sabrina Sikheir (19) from the town of Beni Yenni, was chosen on May 24th as Miss Tizi Ouzou 2006; receiving the honor to represent her province in the upcoming Miss Algeria 2006 pageant. 1st RU (right) was Lydia Brahimi (19) and 2nd RU (left) was Lilia Arouss (26). Sabrina (photo) beat 30 contestants in 4 rounds of competition: traditional, casual, evening and finally wedding gowns. Amongst the jury was Miss Algeria 1999 Dounia Amesrar. Sabrina stands at 1,79m and studies computer science at the University of Tizi Ouzou. Upon her crowning this is what the beauty queen had to say :" I cannot express my happiness, I am in total bliss. This was my dream since I was a child and today it comes true Thanks to God. I would like to thank the big audience and all those who helped organising this pageant. I also would like to encourage all young girls who aspire to participate to do so in upcoming pageants without thinking twice about it so that they would represent the province of Tizi Ouzou as best as it should be."


Italians taking over Miss Algeria?


As if the 2 -3 versions of the Miss Algeria pageant weren't enough, a 4th Italian agency called PortaModa has announced its casting for its first edition of the Miss and Mister Algeria to take place soon in Algiers (Algeria Hall). On the same note a new Italian modelling agency called Daphné has just opened its headquarters in Algiers with the goal of forming Algerian supermodels. What is this sudden Italian interest in Algerian beauty?

New Mode, the birth of a Fashion Agency


On May 3rd 2006, an open air fashion show was organised in Algiers by the new born fashion agency "New Mode", with the collaboration of Karim Kadid (right), the fashion designer of Miss Algeria 2005. Traditional and modern outfits were modeled during the show, ending with the display of a bridal gown modeled by famous model Rym Meouaki (left), 1st RU of Miss Algeria 2004 and 3 RU of Miss Mediterranean 2004. Her gown was made of newspapers as an hommage to the Algerian journalists on the World Press Freedom Day.   

Myriam Benzerga in Mission Fashion 2006


Myriam Benzerga, Best Model of Algeria 2002, is the country's representative in the new Lebanese Reality Show "Mission Fashion: The Designer, The Model" aiming at choosing the Arab World's best model and best fashion designer through a series of weekly televised primes by LBC. Contestants hail from all over the Arab World and are being watched 24Hr through Nagham. Each prime one designer and one model leaves the competition; the results being determined by the jury's choices combined with the public's votings. Myriam is a 20 y/old model from Algiers and stands at 1m77. She speaks Arabic, French and English while her hobbies include swimming, shopping, travelling and playing squash. She was awarded "Best Promising Model of the World 2002" in Turkey.   

Algerian contestant in Miss Universe Canada 2006


Yasmine Lahdiri, 19, from Montreal was the first contestant from Algerian origin to compete in the Miss Canada Universe pageant, eventhough the Algerian community is one of the biggest in French-speaking Canada. Yasmine was selected amongst the 12 finalists for the pageant but did not make her way to the crown.

Art & Mode's Miss Algeria 2006 to be crowned in May


Even though "Nedjma" successfully held its version of Miss Algeria 2006 last December, the same can't be said of "Art & Mode" Agency who has been cancelling their contest for the 3rd time this year most likely for sponsoring problems. According to the latest, their version of Miss Algeria 2006 would be crowned in May not specifying a date in particular. 

2005 NEWS...

Miss Algeria 2006 crowned (version Nejma)


Defeating 19 contestants, Meriem Litim, a tall 17 years old high school student from Algiers, was crowned Miss Algeria 2006 by modelling agency "Nedjma" on December 22nd. First and second runner-up titles were won respectively by Amanda Belghoul and Soumia Chayeb
This agency automatically awards its winner the title of "Best Model of Algeria" as well and sends them to "Best Model of the World" competition since 1993. Another Miss Algeria 2006 will be crowned by Art & Mode Agency in January, the latter one organises a more professional and mediatised version of the contest and sends its winners to a variety of international contests including Miss World in 2002.

Former Algerian beauty queen in Star Academy 3


Rym Ghazali, Miss Luxe Algeria 2004, has been chosen to represent the country this year not at an international beauty pageant, but in the Star Academy 3, the Arabian version of the French  Star Academy that takes place in Lebanon. It is a Reality TV show that unites 19 artistically talented contestants from the Arab world in order to compete and win the title of Star Academy. The winner will walk away with a 3 years record contract with LBC, $50,000 and a Mustang. Rym holds a degree in marketing and worked as an actress and a TV hostess.  

Miss Algeria 2006 in January


According to the official website of Miss Algeria, the 2006 edition of the contest will be taking place in January. The agency is still looking for sponsors and asks to be contacted for more information. The agency always tries to organise it at around this time of year but almost always fails to do so, for some reason or another. Miss Jamilat El Jazair 2006 usually takes place at the end of year as well, last year being an exception.

Jamilat El Jazair 2005 starrs in Nass Mlah City 3


Nassima Mokadem, the current Most Beautiful Woman of Algeria, was apparently able to realise her acting dream by starring in the country's most watched sitecom during the month of Ramadan: Nass Mlah City, in its third season. Nassima acted many changing roles in it, and ironically in one of the episodes she wore the exact same pink gown that Miss Algeria 2005 wore in her final night. The sitecom is of comic nature and portrays many aspects of the Algerian everyday life.  

Algeria almost wins Miss Tourism Planet 2005


With a toned and tanned body, Nesrine Melbani (left), the current Miss Algeria 2005, was almost a winner in Miss Tourism Planet 2005, placing as 1st Runner-Up. The contest took place in Athens on June 23rd 2005. The winner of the contest was Miss Bulgaria (center), and placing as 2nd Runner-up was Miss Greece (right). Nesrine was also supposed to take part in Miss Mediterranean and Miss World 2005, but her obligation as 1st Runner-up would not allow her to take part in any other international contest. It was Algeria's first participation in the contest. Thanks to La Nouvelle Republique for this info.

Algeria in Miss Tourism Queen International 2005


Sarah Bengayou, Miss Algeria 2005's first runner-up, represented the country this summer in Miss Tourism Queen International 2005 that took place in China. Her roommate and best friend was Miss Philippines and the winner was Miss Greece. Even though she didn't win, Sarah was the most photographed Algerian contestant at an international pageant.

Ex-Miss Algeria stirs Controversy 


Sarah Bassam, Miss Algeria 1998, stirred controversy recently and was criticized amongst conservatives in the Arab world for stating in a TV interview that she doesn't mind performing nudity scenes as an actress, as long as they serve a meaning in the movie. As a singer Sarah already released two albums in the market and is preparing for leading roles in two movies, one of which as a French tourist in Egypt. 

Algeria in Top Model International 2005


Shortly after crowning her successor, Miss Algeria 2004 travelled to Kiev in the Ukraine to compete in Top Model International 2005. The winner was Miss Latvia and 14 contestants took part in the contest, mostly from Europe.

Jamilat El Jazair 2005


Or Algeria's Most Beautiful Woman, was crowned on March 3rd, 2005. The winner was 21 y/o Nassima Mokadem of Adrar, a 2nd year humanity major at the University of Boumerdes. It was the 3rd edition of the contest organised by one of the country's most important women's magazine: El Jamila (The Beautiful). Nassima's hobbies include singing, dancing, exercising and cooking traditional food. Amongst her dreams is to become an actress. 21 contestants competed for the title, and the winner was crowned by last year's Miriam Ould-Braham of Algiers.

Jamil El Jazair 2005


The contest also saw the election of Algeria's Most Handsome Man 2005. It was the contest's 2nd edition and the winner was Walid Hamadou, a 20 years old business student from Bejaia. 16 young men competed for the title. The contest took place in Mercure Hotel and was diffused live by Algeria's Third Channel.

Miss Kabylie 2005


Kabylie, a mountaineous Berber region in north eastern Algeria, saw the crowning of its first beauty queen ever: The winner was 20 years old Chahra Rabia from Tizi Ouzou, a journalism student. The contest welcomed all Algerians girls to compete and  was more of a cultural pageant promoting the Berber culture and heritage. The contestants modelled mainly traditional Berber costumes and the winner was said honored to be the first holder of such a title. The Berber people constitute 17% of Algeria's total population.


2004 NEWS...

Algeria wins Best Model of Africa 2004


Algerian model Sarah Reguieg was awarded Best Model of Africa 2004 in the 17th annual contest of Best Model of the World 2004, that takes place annually in Turkey. Kader Khemmas (above), Mister Oran 2004, represented the county in the males category. The contest was won by Egypt in the females category and by Turkey in the males category. Algeria has been participating in the contest almost regurlarly for over a decade, winning the title of Miss Mediterranean 1993 with Radia Toudji, placing as finalists in 1995 and 2000 with Farida Ouzagillia and Sabrina Ould-Hocine respectively, and winning Best Promising Model of the World in 2002 with Fauzia Benzerga.

Algeria places 3rd Runner-Up in Miss Mediterranean 2004


Rym Meouaki, Miss Algeria's first runner-up in 2004, competed in Miss Mediterranean 2004 and placed 3rd Runner-up. The contest took place in Dubai and the winner was Macedonia. Rym is a 21 years old and stands at 1,78m. She is an English student and works as a runway model.

Miss Tourism Algeria 2004


Imene Noel was chosen as the first Miss Tourism in the country representing the EGT beach resort of Algiers. Many international celebrities were amongst the panel of jury, including Miss Tourisme France 2004 and its president, Best Model of Turkey 2004 and Erkan Ozerman president of Best Model of the World organisation. The contest was diffused live by Algeria's third channel, and was later on diffused in the form of a documentary by TV8, a Turkish channel.

Miss Luxe Algeria 2004


Rym Ghazali (right), a 22 years old TV presenter and actress, was chosen in august as Miss Luxe Algeria 2004. Rym is Salma Ghazali's younger sister the Algerian representative in the Arab Star Academy 2.  

Algeria a finalist in Miss Africa 2004


Aziza Djouder, 21 y/o and 1,80m, was the handpicked representative by the Miss Algeria organisation to compete in Miss Africa 2004 pageant that took place in Tunisia. Through she didn't win, Aziza made the cut  to the Top 5, to be beaten off by Burkina Faso the eventual winner of the contest. Supposedly 16 countries were to compete, but only 10 did.